We would like to welcome you to our Muslim Customer page where you can grab your coupon but also learn about the restaurant! 

We are a Muslim owned and operated business that has been open since 2002. We have done many different types of parties and different events where you might have seen us. Our main focus is to ensure the quality of our food is at the highest quality we can get it and the source is always the most reputable. 

Our meat is sources from a few different places but the majority is Farm City on Devon Avenue in Chicago, we also get some of our meat from Crescent as well. In the effort to continue to provide 100% Zabihah Halal food at both an affordable price and at the highest quality that we would want for our customers we have ensured that as we made our transition to the halal cuisine over the past few years that everything is at a standard from which our customers are happy. 

Currently we are 95% Zabihah Halal and almost all of our meat is there. While there is continuous testing in progress to complete the final 5% we need to and want to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Currently all of our Zabihah Halal meat is not frozen nor has it been frozen, so the freshness and the great taste really do come out when you bite into the meal. Please sign up for our newsletter and get a 30% OFF Coupon!